QuickSuitePOS: Award-Winning POS, Seamlessly Integrated with NETSUITE

NetSuite customers who run retail outlets now have the most advanced, yet low cost, point of sale (POS) solution from Suite Software- Intuit's Quickbooks POS system, seamlessly integrated with NetSuite, with a distinct advantage over other solutions: It's super-fast performance, independent of your internet connection to NetSuite. We call it QuickSuitePOS.
Quickbooks POS itself is a tried & true, advanced POS system, with over 100,000 installations. Rather than re-invent POS within NetSuite, we integrated a proven POS solution with NetSuite- for the best performance & reliability for your retail needs.

"The QB POS program that we use for our showroom in Manhattan has been working great. We are very happy with Suite Software for supporting this POS program and for making it work well with our NetSuite system. They took the time to customize the software to best suit our needs. Because the system uses QuickBooks POS, we are still operational even when NetSuite service or internet connection is interrupted. This has happened on more than one occassion so we are satisfied in our decision to go with Suite Software. We would not hesitate to recommend the system or the service."

John T. Wong, CFO, Korin Japanese Trading Corp

Choice of quickbooks POS

  • Quickbooks POS is a fast, stand-alone POS system
  • Runs with or without dependence on an internet connection
  • Proven small business system, widely adopted since 2002
  • Large installed base, a wide ecosystem of developers and tools for ongoing support
  • Low cost, low risk and easy to get up & running
  • Scale easily by adding new POS stations in the same or new locations
  • Well suited for systems like NetSuite that already have CRM/SFA
  • Easily differentiate orders in NS between multiple locations, and your webstore
  • Run reports in NetSuite based on each POS terminal as a 'location'
  • Orders, Items & inventory transferred between systems automatically every minute
  • Hosted integration- nothing to maintain or install except the POS terminal
  • Supported by Suite Software- dedicated NetSuite integrators since 2002

How QBPOS is implemented

  • QBPOS integration is implemented as a standard web services client: A NetSuite 'seat' is not required
  • Implementation uses Intuit’s and NetSuite's standard interfaces
  • Designed so it can be replicated in additional stores as needed for growth
  • Used as a fast, stand-alone system in case of connectivity break or slowdown
  • Integration adapter handles all data exchange between the two systems and the mapping is customized for your specific NetSuite & QBPOS accounts

POS Hardware & Software

  • QBPOS Pro is widely available from retailers and from Intuit, as are standard peripherals
  • Peripheral ‘bundles’ include a printer, bar-code scanner, cash drawer & credit card-swipe
  • System bundles can be drop-shipped from Intuit or from Dell, among other sources

QBPOS Installation & Training

  • QBPOS installation and training is optional, based on your needs and is available from Quickbooks POS professionals
  • The QBPOS system is very intuitive in use (given its history as a successful and modern system) - with lots of online help & training tools available
  • Customized training & support is available from senior certified Quickbooks POS Advisor

QuickSuitePOS Integration License

  • Suite Software's hosted integration system license & implementation starts at $3,990
  • Monthly service & maintenance is billed at $195 per location & can include multiple cash registers at no extra service cost
  • Volume-based discounts are available

Key Benefits

1) Ring up sales Faster with no internet lag

2) Barcode scanner enters items instantly

3) Local database mirrors your NetSuite item info

4) In case of connnectivity problems, system re-synchs automatically or manually

5) Automatic Integration with NetSuite updates every minute

6) Easy-to-use sales screens ensure that lines keep moving

7) Fully integrated hardware for a Complete System

8) Record and authorize transactions in Point of Sale with a single swipe

9)Integrated credit card swipe support for best rates

10)Supports Multiple Tenders and allow split tender capability on invoice

11)Support for Anonymous customers, or enter full customer info fast

12)Support for Estimates, Sales Orders, Invoices, Work Orders and Layaways

13)Make use of advanced inventory features like serial # and UPC codes

14)Create custom price tags, receipts, and more, without starting from scratch

15)Show Items for sale with images

16)Cashier login / out, track employee hours, sales commissions

17)Hold & Resume transactions at will

18)Report across multiple terminals, stores and sales channels

19)Get Started fast: easy to set up so you can start using POS the same day