Welcome to Suite Software!

Suite Software helps businesses Automate and Integrate the NetSuite family of products. Our specialty is integrating NetSuite with functionality you need outside of NetSuite, such as working with your customers, vendors & trading partners in special ways. Using the best combination of NetSuite’s Suite Scripting & Web Services technologies.

Suite Software has been helping clients cross bridges and make new connections, maximizing their NetSuite investment and their bottom line. Let us help your enterprise arrive at new destinations, too!

Integrate NetSuite with Rest of the World

If you have other systems or processes that are special to your business, and you wish to connect with them in the smartest-possible way, then let us advise you on how easy- or not so easy- it is, to cross that bridge

Scripting to get There Fast

If you want to create or automate functionality in your corporate system that is specific to your operation, Suite Scripting is a great way to go. We have created a range of capabilities that has expanded the reach of NetSuite to distant shores.

NetSuite POS Solution

If you want the most advanced and well established POS system for the money on the market today (no we didn’t invent it), its Quickbooks POS – but you also want it integrated with NetSuite (yes, we DID create the bridge), you’ve come to the right place. Dive in here to find out more.

NetSuite and 3rd Party Fulfillment

Suite Software has built many connections to 3rd party fulfillment systems, for a range of businesses, from shoe manufacturers (Crocs) to consumer games (such as Table Topics). Surely, we can help you cross that bridge.

NetSuite Customers & Projects

Over the years, Suite Software has delivered, and continues to support, a host of challenging and interesting Integration, SuiteScript Automation and Advanced Reporting projects for our NetSuite clients. Some of our clients are small but growing companies, such as Table Topics, others are established multi-nationals like Olympus, and last but not least, NetSuite itself continues to be a regular client.